Eilish for Genesis 3 Female

Eilish for Genesis 3 Female


Eilish is by most accounts, ordinary. Another young professional in the city, just trying to survive the ins and out of life.

Until, that is, she drops her glamour...

Then she becomes a Dark Elf, a princess, an assassin, a warrior...

Eilish can be used to create two different characters for Genesis 3 Female, Eilish Human and Eilish Elf. Each has their own skins, eyes and makeup options. They share the base face morph, but the Eilish Elf has an additional ear and brow morph.

Each comes with an array of beautiful LIE makeup options. Human Eilish has 6 different eye shadow options with two additional eyeliners that can be used in conjunction with the eye shadows. She also has 4 metallic lip colors, and they both share the 6 different metallic nail colors.

Eilish Elf has 6 different LIE dark elf makeup options. But of course, since they are LIE they can be mixed and matched between the two, giving you endless possible combinations.

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