dForce Shinobi Outfit for Genesis 3 and Genesis 8 Female


An outfit for your fantasy or amine themed Shinobi (Ninja) female characters. The outfit is supplied as individual pieces and as wearables presets, and hand poses are included with parented ninjato (sword) option to fit the drawn swords in either hand. The belt has versions with and without sayas (sheathes) for the swords. The full preset includes both sayas with the ninjatos parented to the sayas. During dForce simulation the ninjatos can be hidden to keep them from getting snagged on the outfit.

The main outfit pieces have individual color mats in blue (default), white, black and gray. Ninjato (sword) and saya (sheath) also included as individual props.

Requires dForce for fitting. The only included morphs are to tilt the sayas forward in the belt, and a generic ExpandAll option. Postwork may be necessary to correct pokethrough when using custom bodies.

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