Damp For V8 And M8

Damp For V8 And M8



  • 20 Interacting poses for Michael 8 and Victoria 8
  • 5 Gens poses for Michael 8
  • 5 Gens poses for New Genitalia For Victoria 8
  • 20 dynamics Morphs for BedGown

Usage Tips or Limitations:

1. Load Victoria 8 and Michael 8, select Hip, choose limits off in pose tool, if you don't see pose tool, you can open it in the "Displays the Viewport Options menu";

2. Apply the BedGown to Victoria 8;

3. Load Pose you wish from folder for Victoria 8;

4. BedGown dynamics Morphs is automatically loaded, if you want to find it, please select the BedGown, parameter Tab, disordercode---->Damp for V8

5. When you load pose of "Bedgown for Victoria 8", and then load the pose in this product, Bedgown's dynamics will go wrong, if you encounter this problem, please load the file!! Zero, and then load the pose you need again.

6. This product requires BedGown for Victoria 8 support.

7. Poses only support Victoria8 and Michael8, other shapes supported in Daz Studio by Auto-follow.

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