DA Pro Light Portrait Set


The DA Pro Light Portrait set has been created to help with getting that perfect portrait render. Whether for a tight Head render or a full body character these lights will fit your needs.

With a staggering 72 light presets that vary in the color of light and light temperature to provide plenty of variance at the click of a button. The actual light rig includes a Fill Light, a key light and three backing lights to give effective edge highlights and nice even fill lighting. Also included are Render presets to easily add HDR or adjust exposure for a brighter or darker render or even to add bloom with a single click. There is a male and female Camera preset that each load four cameras setup ready to render a Head and Shoulder Shot, 3/4 Shot, Half Shot or Full shot.

The HDR map included is a lighting base and not high resolution (1024x512) but it still renders nicely and is easily changed out to your own preferred higher res. HDR maps through the environment tab.

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Note: If you find an error where GD says you need permission to access a file, just report it. It's easy to fix. We are constantly restoring access to these GD files.