Boyfriend Shirt Megapack


This is an elaborate shirt and underwear set for your intimate and Pinup renders which offers the look of simulated cloth with the ease of use of a conformed/fitted clothing.

54 Specialty Morphs in the shirt have been cloth simulated and hand crafted to work with the poses.

There are 12 intimate poses included in this set, with morphs in the shirt and underwear specially crafted to fit those poses.

16 wearable presets for easy scene startup.

19 shirt materials (for Iray and 3Delight).

34 Underwear materials (for Iray and 3Delight).

Quick start instructions and product manual accessible from the product library

Morphs listed under "G3 supported" have been hand sculpted to provide realistic look beyond what is achievable via DAZ Studio's morph following feature.

We pay special attention to sculpting of the chest morphs so the garment flows around them naturally.

Special care is given to Joint Correction Morphs (JCM's) in order to add realism to the bending, including having appropriate wrinkles appear when a garment is posed.

Textures in this set range from 2048x2048 to 4096x4096 depending on the size of the clothing mesh. Special attentions has been paid that the texel size is proportionate to expected underlying G3 figure skin texture at high resolution. Each texture has a diffuse map, specular (or roughness map where needed), bump map and displacement maps (for wrinkles).

Main focus of textures and shaders in this set is their performance in Iray, however we also provided 3Delight material collection, and found them to perform to our satisfaction. There are some minor details such as metallics, emissives and transparencies which will not perform the same between Iray and 3Delight.

This set contains 54 specialty morphs crafted to fit 12 of the poses (also in this set). These morphs have be cloth simulated and hand touched up. They are meant to be used only with accompanying morphs. Since they already push the mesh and rigging to the edge of their limits, they will not perform well when mixed with other poses or morphs. This is a limitation of the program; however it is possible to make minor adjustments to enclosed poses in order to make the figure interact with its environment (especially hands and feet).

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Note: If you find an error where GD says you need permission to access a file, just report it. It's easy to fix. We are constantly restoring access to these GD files.