Aiko 5 Pro Bundle + Add-ons


Your favorite anime girl is back and she's the cutest and most versatile version thus far.

This Bundle Includes:

  • Aiko 5
  • Aiko 5 Starter Bundle
    • Osaka Hair
    • Pure Hair: Timeless
    • Rave Girl for Aiko 5
    • Azumi for Aiko
    • Forever Fantasy Poses
    • Bow Dress and Boots
      • Bow Dress and Boots Textures
  • Momotsuki (Pink Moon) Hair
  • Pure Hair: Sweet
  • Pale Shadows
  • Making Faces for Aiko 5
  • Fantasy Poses for Aiko 5
  • Tsukiko for Aiko 5
  • SciFi Candy
    • SciFi Candy Textures

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