Orgasm Essentials – Ultimate Collection For G3

Orgasm Essentials - Ultimate Collection For G3


Orgasm Essentials: The Ultimate Partials Collection for Victoria 7 and the Genesis 3 Females(s). There is nothing more satisfying than a quivering, toe-curling, full body orgasm! Everything you need is included to give your characters the incredible climax they deserve. A huge collection of partial poses to build your own orgasm, 1000s of possibilities!

Intense orgasms are my favorite subject, and you can be sure that all of the poses were carefully created with dynamic detail. These partial poses are my own special collection that I use all the time!

What's Included:

2 full body couples sex poses (these can be the base poses that you easily mix in all of the partials with, or use the partials on the other sex poses in your library!)
16 Upper Body partial poses
12 Right Arm partial poses
12 Left Arm partial poses
20 Right Hand partial poses
20 Left Hand partial poses
10 Head and Neck partial poses
10 Eyes partial poses (won't affect the rest of the expression, great for mixing with the other expressions in your library!)
10 Lower Body partial poses
10 Right Leg partial poses
10 Left Leg partial poses
10 Right Toes partial poses
10 Left Toes partial poses
12 Zero Utility poses

Blushing/Flushed skin LIE overlays: 1 Face and 1 Body
Comic book graphics/bubbles (Transparent .PNG and layered .PSD format): 7 different graphics included

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