OOT IrayPair Hair Shaders for DAZ Studio Iray


The OOT IrayPair Hair Shader is built to catch your scene's lighting and creates shine and gloss all on its own without pre-painted highlights on a texture. These shaders work well in bright scenes, dark scenes, outdoor scenes etc.

What you get with this package:

  • OOT IrayPair Hair Shader Base based on DAZ Studio Iray Uber Shader
  • 25 IrayPair HQ Hair Texture Options
  • 03 IrayPair Bumpmap Options
  • 07 IrayPair Color Tint Options
  • 08 IrayPair Gloss Color Options
  • 04 IrayPair Gloss Options
  • 06 IrayPair Transparency Fixes

Note: The included hairshaders work on almost any 3D hair that is UV-mapped in a straight, square format. Works best with layered hairmodels, meaning the hair is made with multiple small layered strands.

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