OnyX for Genesis 3


OnyX is a sexy, stylized goth girl for the Genesis 3 Female. Her morph is a hybrid of custom morphs along with G3 head and body morphs to create her unique look.

She is a beautifully pale girl with luscious long legs, a lovely thin, long neck and arms. Her hands and feet are delicately petite, her fingers are long and thin. Her head is a bit larger, and her beautiful eyes as well ... she’s a unique character, the perfect fantasy goth girl for something a little different, sexy, and extraordinary.

OnyX comes with some beautiful makeup options including some fantasy inspired looks as well. Lips come in shiny and matte and were created to coordinate with the makeup options. Nail shape and length options are included, along with some nail colors and also some metal tips and full metal looks as well.

OnyX's pack includes shaders for Iray AND 3Delight.

Requirements: Genesis 3 Female Head and Body Morph Packs

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