OMGDK3.0 For G3M

OMGDK3.0 For G3M


SledgeHammer proudly brings you the OMGDK3 Genesis 3 Male Genital figure for Genesis 3 Male.

Finally a proper Genitalia figure for your Genesis3 Male, based on the OMGDK 2.0, Geo-Grafted figure for perfect blending to G3 Male, better penis and testicles geometry, figure weight mapped and 11 gens segments for better bending, anus part, cum and piercing geometry and lots of new morphs and tuned features.

Included in the package is a tutorial for manually using Rigging Offset Controls to adjust the OMGDK3 to different G3M characters. Character Rig poses are also included to automatically adjust the OMGDK3 for 15 G3M characters listed below.


1 OMGDick3.0 Figure for Genesis3 Male
4 MATS poses for fluid (cum)
3 MATS poses for piercings
21 Poses for changing figure size and bending, these poses can be combined to create new ones
74 Poses for morphing the figure, divided in zones, 01 Penis, 02 Testicles, 03 Glande, 04 Cum, 05 Piercings, 06 Anus and Hermaphrodite
15 G3M Character Rig poses, (G3MDefault, Boaris, Demora, George, Guy7, Jawz, Lee7, Lekkulion, Massive, MassiveXTRM, Michael7, Muud, Nosferatu, Swole7, Yodkin)


7 M7 Poses
7 V7 Poses
7 OMGDK3 Poses
7 SledgeHammer's FemGen+ Poses

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