NyX Nightshade

NyX Nightshade


NyX Nightshade is another new gothic/fantasy style outfit for the Genesis 3 Female, perfect to mix and match with all the CruX and other NyX packs!!

Included in this package:

- NyX Nightshade Top (.duf)
- NyX Nightshade Pants w/Skirt (.duf)
- NyX Nightshade Collar (.duf)
- Iray Material Settings

The Skirt includes 6 extra bones for posing and movement, plus some wind morphs for fun:

Skirt Left
Skirt Right
Skirt Left Shin
Skirt Right Shin
Skirt Back
Skirt Back Low

Morphs in the all pieces have been smoothed and perfected to work with all the Genesis 3 character morphs.

All material presets include shaders optimized for the Iray Render Engine.

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