NyX Dreamer

NyX Dreamer


NyX Dreamer is another installment of the popular line of sexy gothic clothing packs for the Genesis 3 Female. Perfect to mix and match with all the CruX and other NyX packs!

Included in this package:

- NyX Dreamer Vest (.duf)
- NyX Dreamer Skirt (.duf)
- NyX Dreamer Gloves (.duf)
- NyX Dreamer Headpiece (.duf)
- Iray Material Settings
- Reset Skirt Morphs
- Reset Headpiece Morphs

The Dreamer Headpiece is a prop, but it has six individual bones for each of the chains to bend, twist, and move side-to-side. Simply click on each chain to select it, or you can select the desired chain in the scene tab. Included also are a few movement morphs for the chains to make them a bit more dynamic. The bones include:

Left Moon
Left Pendulum
Left Wing
Right Moon
Right Pendulum
Right Wing

The Dreamer Skirt includes three extra bones for movement and posing, and also includes morphs for the same. Although there are many pose and movement possibilities, the skirt may not perform well in sitting poses without the assistance of D-Force. The bones include:

Skirt Back
Skirt Right
Skirt Left

All pieces include adjustment and movement morphs for your convenience in fitting and posing. Also, morphs in the all pieces have been smoothed and perfected to work with all the Genesis 3 character morphs.

All material presets include shaders optimized for the Iray Render Engine.

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