NyX dForce Infatuation

NyX dForce Infatuation


NyX Infatuation is a sexy pencil skirt and matching corset style top with snug sleeves and bell cuffs. Both pieces are dForce compatible and look their best when simulated.

Included in this package:

- Infatuation Pencil Skirt (.duf)
- Infatuation Top (.duf)
- 3 Texture Sets

The simulation surfaces for the skirt have been set so that it maintains it's snug fit. Some poses may look fine without running the simulation on it, but it will benefit from dForce in all poses. Some wide legged standing or sitting poses may not look the best in this curve hugging skirt.

The bell cuffs on the top look very well in most all poses as you will see from my product images, but too much collision with other items may give you unwanted results.

Each piece includes adjustment morphs for your convenience in fitting and posing, and they have been smoothed to work with most all of the popular body morphs and characters for both G3F and G8F.

All material presets are optimized for the Iray Render Engine.

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