Nova Hair for Genesis 3 Female(s) and Genesis 2 Female(s)


Nova Hair is a unique hairstyle that is just as special as it is versatile. Fit for a princess or queen, or a space Empress in a galaxy far, far away; it fits perfectly both fantasy and sci-fi characters, as well as a classic and romantic theme, as in a 17th or 24th Century Juliet., an alien dignitary, a contemporary fashionista or a prima ballerina would all feel at ease and as noteworthy as they are wearing Nova Hair.

Nova Hair features several movement morphs to add even more realism and dynamism to an hair that will always look stunning.

Included are five styles for the hairband and hair cylinder support that range from contemporary, to sci-fi, fantasy and cyberpunk.

Thirty three luscious hair colors are also included.

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