Noble Poses and Props for Genesis 3 Female and Genevieve 7


Noble poses with touch of Elegance. 24 poses and their mirrored versions with special care of the hands. Poses are optimized for Genesis 3 Female and - as a bonus - for Genevieve 7, but you can use with any of your characters with minor adjustment.

The set also includes a noble chair with elegant ornaments and drapes with rod for your delicate renders. Props have several material settings both 3Delight and Iray versions.

You can also find 3 dials for Genesis 3 Female(s). With these dials you can pose the legs easily for different kind of boots. The FULL dials set the height too, so your character will be still on the floor after you set the feet pose. The Vintage Rose dial was optimized the Vintage Rose shoes, however you can use with other high heels too.

The chair also includes some morphs helping adjust the pose to your character.

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