Nikolas for Genesis 3 Male

Nikolas for Genesis 3 Male


Just an average guy, with some not-so-average options.

Three Brow options with one No Brow option, each face has additional options to choose from; Stubble, Base, Stubble with Scarring, Scarring and a Stubble with Goatee. There are morphs for his head (which only requires the Genesis 3 Head Morph pack for the Cornea Bulge option-if you use it), torso (which requires no additional morph packs), combined head/torso and an HD Morph that I was gifted from a fellow PA-ChangelingChick!

There are 5 Eye Colors and 2 Eyelash colors, along with a selection of tattoo options ranging from Black Out Torso/Arms/Head and Leg, to a few tattoos on his arms, and a mash up of all of them for greater variety.

Anatomical Elements Materials are included.

Materials are Iray only.

Required Products: Genesis 3 Male Head Morphs

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