Nicole for G3/G8

Nicole for G3/G8


Nicole is a character for G3F and G8F. She comes with 3DL and 2 version of Iray materials. The new Iray shader is for DS, while the older shader can be used for those who didn't update Studio yet.

1 Head morphs for G3F
1 Head morph for G8F
1 Body morph for G3F
1 Body morph for G8F
1 Full Skin preset,
1 Full Skin with pubes preset,
12 Makeup preset,
08 lips preset,
Displacement for lips
8 Eyes presets,
3 blush LIE presets,
7 layer styles for makeup
Moles LIE preset
2 lashes
2 Genital preset with and without pubes
Nails preset

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