Native American Warrior War Paintings for G8F

Native American Warrior War Paintings for G8F


Native American Warrior War Paintings For Genesis 8 Female.

You're looking for a fierce warrior, here is this War painting options. Perfect for all your scenes.

The textures are based on the Genesis 8 Female Base UV maps, so the skin will work with every other character.

Characters, Hair, Weapons, Jewels, Outfit and Horses on images are NOT included!

This package contains:

Materials Iray (.DUF)

Body Paint 010.duf
Body Paint 009.duf
Body Paint 006.duf
Body Paint 008.duf
Body Paint 007.duf
Face Paint 006.duf
Body Paint 005.duf
Body Paint 004.duf
Body Paint 003.duf
Body Paint 002.duf
Body Paint 001.duf

Face Paint 010.duf
Face Paint 009.duf
Face Paint 008.duf
Face Paint 007.duf
Face Paint 005.duf
Face Paint 004.duf
Face Paint 003.duf
Face Paint 002.duf
Face Paint 001.duf

Textures Include:

16 Textures, specular, bump, normal and transparency maps (4096x4096)

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