Nadia for G8/V8

Nadia for G8/V8


Almost always with a smile, Nadia is a stunning character for Genesis 8 Female and Victoria 8. Addictive and very beautiful will do much better its runtime!


2 Characters Preset
2 Head INJ and REM files
2 Body INJ and REM files
1 INJ and REM Nails Morph
1 INJ and REM Eyelashes
1 Eyelashes Shaders
3 Full Skin Shaders
9 Nails Options
9 Eyes Options
9 Eyeshadow Options for each Skin Shaders
9 Lips Options for each Skin Shaders
6 Eyeliner Options for each Skin Shaders
And more!!!

REM files for Makeups Options, Eyes and Nails

Requirements: Victoria 8

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