Munchie Run for Genesis 8

Munchie Run for Genesis 8


This set of fifteen Genesis 8 poses is designed for use with the wonderful Beach Construction Set and Interior Furniture packs.

Gather your happy-go-lucky characters at the local snack shake, where the food may be cheap, but at least it's greasy.

This set will put your Genesis 8 males and females right to work, doing stressful things like: Hanging out, saying hello, ordering food...all the high-risk, high-reward activities you'd expect from a group of career beach buddies.

Wearables and utility poses are provided to grab the snacks and shuffle the furniture around. A preloaded scene and sky-based render settings are also included, as is a Zero pose for your characters.

A couple of extra notes on this one: Since the construction set is so versatile and comes with a number of different configurations, the pose set is tuned to Layout #4 from that kit. The easiest way to get doing is to use the included preload. However, since the furniture is used for all configurations (just in different positions), you'll be able to match the figures up to other layouts by using the global XTrans, ZTrans, and YRotate paramaters.

Required Products: Beach Cafe Construction Kit, Beach Cafe Interior Furniture

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