Muelsfell Heroic Studio Backdrops with Iray Presets


Cover every angle of your composition with Muelsfell Heroic Studio Backdrops with Iray Presets, an easy-to-use backdrop set with twenty light settings, ten basic background materials, fully adjustable lights and emissive surfaces. There's a large overhead fill light, a low fill light, a main globe light in the center, and globe lights for left and right rim lighting, all of which can be rotated, and whose altitudes and orbits can be changed to where ever you prefer the light to come from.

In addition to the main backdrop, there are two heroic backdrops with modeled details: a dungeon wall and an Asian wall, suitable for historic, renaissance, medieval, Asian, Japanese or Chinese themes.  All backdrops have the same adjustable lights and emissive surfaces, and presets work on all three backdrops.

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