Ms SWOLE for Genesis 8 Female

Ms SWOLE for Genesis 8 Female


Genesis 8 Female has almost every type of morph available, she can be everything but a big bone muscle-bound lady. Not every woman is made with Barbie doll neck, wrists and knees, sometimes you need a Valkyrie in your story, a giantess, an amazon or a female orc. Even if it is to add some thickness to your female in the right places, Ms. Swole will be right there to help you get your swole proportions right.

With an option to adjust body thickness and trapezius thickness, it lets you adapt other figures with greater control until you have found the desired shape your swole female character needs. As an extra this character morph includes several stomach morphs that help with flexing, stomach vacuum and breathing animations or still images.

Required Products: Genesis 8 Female Body Morphs

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