MRL Warrior Hair for Genesis 8 Female

MRL Warrior Hair for Genesis 8 Female


MRL Warrior Hair, a style not just for Warriors, a versatile hair package that provides many different styling and color options. This hair doesn't make compromises which means it's a high poly hairstyle, but has been designed in a way that keeps the polycount as low as possible whilst retaining detail. Because it's high poly it can be slow to load but once loaded, render times appear unaffected, if not faster than the more usual polygon hair.

The hair is designed in a modular form to make it as versatile as possible. You can load it with or without the side sections and/or the braids to create different looks. The main set-ups are provided as 2 wearable presets, one with shaved sides, one with full hair. There are 16 colors for the full and shaved hair setups. There are also options to apply these colors to either the top only or to the sides only. There are also a few scalp options to give even greater styling choices.

Shaved styles load with a dark shaved scalp but there are also MATS included so you can color this, there are also some color choices for different hair ties. In addition I've included some gloss shaders so you can adjust the shine of the individual hair component at the click of your mouse.

Added to this there are 19 starter styles and movement poses including resets, just select Genesis 8 to apply. Both the hair and the braids are then rigged so that you can tweak these styles to suit your model's pose. In addition there are 41 parameter dials to control movement and styling.

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