MRL Gem Hair for Genesis 3 and 8 Female

MRL Gem Hair for Genesis 3 and 8 Female


MRL Gem Hair is a modern and versatile hairstyle suitable for all different genres ranging from fantasy to sci-fi. The hair was created in fibermesh with a relatively broad hair strand to keep the polygon count as low as possible and many hours were spent on the MATS to create a realistic looking hair which still retained volume.

The hair has a shaved undercut with 3 different intensities of scalp texture and 9 shaved designs in the form of layered image presets so they can be combined with any one of the shaved texture bases. The hair has 19 MATS with seven different gloss settings to suit any lighting. Each MAT can also be paired with a black haired scalp via a layered image preset, which can be loaded as an alternative to the original base color fitting of the scalp, 14 parameters for movement and 17 style parameter dials including 3 to adjust the volume of the hair. Most of these parameter dials have been left to work in either direction which gives an incredible amount of mobility to the hair. Any combination of dials can then be saved as a shaping preset. In addition the hair has fits for a wide range of Daz Female characters (list below).

The Genesis 3 Female character shown in the main and sci-fi soldier promo is a work in progress for future release.

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