MRL Brienne for Victoria 8

MRL Brienne for Victoria 8


Brienne is a character for Victoria 8, her emphasis is on versatility. She can play any role from sci-fi assassin to gypsy to post-apocalyptic warrior to vampire punk to full-on barbarian! She has 2 head morphs, she also includes fibremesh brows which work together with layered image presets to apply different colored brows to her default blonde, alternatively the LIE presets can be used on their own. In addition, she has a wide range of eye colors, lash options, makeup and lip colors.

She uses the Genesis 8 Female UV, which means her skin texture maps are compatible with Genesis 3 skins except for the eyes. In the interests of backwards compatibility, Brienne also includes eye MATS which work with the Genesis 3 Female base.

The morph is custom made to work with Victoria 8's own morph and is therefore specific to her.

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