Mr Scallywags


“Mr. Scallywags” is a Lowres standalone skeleton by Midnight_stories. It has some great new features. It is based on the Midnight Skeleton, but the poly count has been greatly reduced to 23K, so you are able to do big scenes with it. Also, the maps have been reduced to 2K, so it’s light on the memory. It has some compatibility with Genesis 3 Male poses and clothes, Plus 17 bone pile morphs and an animated fall down morph.

This would be great for games. It's been tested with UltraScatter and renders very quickly. There are two props, a morphing skull and impaling spike. There are 8 pre-made subsets made with the impaling spike and a pre-made scene to get you started. There are three material presets in both Iray and 3Delight. I have also made two Geograft horns sets the will work both on the skull and skeleton. This would be great for all those old vampire and vlad the impaler sets. A must have for all you horror fans!

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