Morgana for Genesis 8 Female

Morgana for Genesis 8 Female


Morgana is a custom sculpted high quality character for Genesis 8 Female. She comes with many skin options from natural pale to dark drow, lots of makeup, face designs, colorful elf ears and limbs, fibermesh brows and genitalia.

- Overlay colors can be adjusted to any color.
- You cant use eyeshadow overlays and fantasy face mask overlays at the same time. Use LIE or the provided makeup masks.

Preload character with Lashes and eyebrows
1 Head morph
1 Body morph
Elf Ears
Nail Apply/Remove
Navel Apply/Remove
Nipple Apply/Remove
Lashes Apply/Remove
01 Full Skin preset,
Genital preset
15 Makeup presets + 09 Overlays,
09 lips preset,
09 Eyes presets,
03 blush LIE preset,
06 Face Design in Texture, Overlay and LIE
No Brows
Brows Contour for Fibermesh Brow
Normalmap On/Off
04 SSS presets
Specular Shader preset
07 Color overlays for Ears and Limbs

Iray materials only!

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