Metropolitan Club Swimming Pool

Metropolitan Club Swimming Pool


The Metropolitan club is physical memory of a bygone era. Designed to give you as many options for your rendering needs as possible.

The full set has been divided into two half, front and back. Together the two create a massive room bathed in sunlight from two rows of skylights. When that is more than you need load the back half (which is forward facing) and add the props you need or use the Back full set option which loads all the props and their instances into place. If you need the whole pool but not the whole room, use the Back Half plus the Mid Pool option which come together to give you 3 complete pools.

The Light sets are created using Ghost lights to that fill areas with more light dial them up as bright as you need and only where you need them. Two camera presets are included to get into the smaller rooms off to the side, the rest of the room is easily navigated. The props are numerous and load with or without instances, into the default center or posed in place.

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