Mesa Desert

Mesa Desert


The Mesa Desert is a 360 degrees landscape featuring a large central terrain covered with sand and pebbles and surrounded with a mesa and others rock formations seen through layers of dust haze. This landscape covers all angles in any direction that you could point your camera at.

You can also choose from 2 HDRI Skies/Sunlight Iray render presets (Afternoon and Sunset) which are optimized for lighting and rendering the Mesa Desert set. Both these HDRI add a very realistic image-based lighting (IBL) to your scene. Also included is an exclusive "ground shader" for Iray. This shader is specially designed to create a realistic desert ground texture that will never look like a repetitive (tiled) texture.

Please note that because of the special ground shader, this set is for rendering with Iray only. The ground shader and texture doesn't render properly in 3Delight.

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