Maven For Genesis 8 Female

Maven For Genesis 8 Female


Maven is Adorable yet Creepy Spider Queen Character Perfect for Halloween for Genesis 8 Female! Maven has a Matching Spider Ring Prop in the Free Section!

Mats come in Iray and a 3Delight Shader is Included.


-01 Maven Character Preset
-01 Full Apply/REM
-01 Head Apply/REM
-01 Body Apply/REM
-01 Nails Apply/REM
-01 Nipples Apply/REM (Requires Genesis 8 Female Body Morphs)
-01 Lashes Apply/REM
-01 3Delight Shader
-01 Default Skin
-01 Spider Skin
-01 Spider Queen Skin
-02 Eyelash Options
-11 Eye Options
-01 Lips Default Reset
-01 Lips Spider Reset
-01 Lips Matte Option
-08 Lip Default Options
-06 Lips Spider Options
-01 MakeUp Default Reset
-01 MakeUp Spider Reset
-08 MakeUp Default Options
-05 MakeUp Spider Options
-07 Nail Options

*Lips Matte and Nail Options do NOT Work with the 3Delight Shader*

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