Marika HD for Genesis 8 Female

Marika HD for Genesis 8 Female


Marika is strong and powerful. A solidly build brick-house body plus a warrior body with more muscle definition.

She has a custom sculpted HD Head and Body morphs created for the Genesis 8 Base Female shape.

Marika has custom painted makeups - 7 everyday makeups, 4 battle worthy makeups. 17 coordinating fingernails, 17 harmonizing lipsticks, 9 Iris eye colors, and 17 all-in-one presets. I understand the need for customization, so included are presets for Anatomical Elements, 3 tonal (translucency) options, 3 lip shine options, a matte nail option. I like using an alternative torso with no anatomical details for risque clothing. If dForce drapes too much, your Marika can still look modest!

There are several Bump settings for customizing your closeup and distance images plus normal maps for additional detail. Always included are custom morphed square or oval nails and long eyelash morphs.

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