Mariette for Dolly and Genesis 2 Female

Mariette for Dolly and Genesis 2 Female


A cute and adorable Pierrot for Genesis 2 female(s) containing mat files for DS and Poser

9 eyecolors
6 Make-up options
4 Nail options
4 Eye reflection options

Usage Tips:

- If you want to load Mariette fully morphed and textured in DS, just click on the Mariette-Morph.duf.
- You can do the same in Poser in an empty scene all you need to do is apply the Poser materials after the Character is loaded.
- Shaders may be slightly different in both softwares.
- Eye color option 9 comes with it's own reflection map, of course the others work there too.

Required Products: Dolly Base for Genesis 2 Female(s)

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