Make Your Own Grave

Make Your Own Grave


This model brings you a wide collection of funeral architecture components, from simple stone blocks to intrigue statues and decorations, so you can built any types of graves, memorials, tombs and so on. You can unleash your creativy or use any of five included graves presets to get you started.

What is included:

Cemetery Grounds with grave - morphing terrain props
4 various cross props
13 various stone or metal decorations
8 metallic fences or chains components
7 sarcophagi components
16 stone blocks and grave parts

5 grave presets
2 stone texture variants

PBR and Specular textures for metallic props

Funeral lantern point light preset

Up to 6kx6k and textures suitable for closeups, Unpacked Runtime Size: 384 MB.
Suitable for animations. Original Design.

System Requirements: PC, Poser 6 and higher, (not tested on MAC, Materials need minor adjustments in DAZ studio) 

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