Mad Maddie G8F-V8

Mad Maddie G8F-V8


Behind every crazy woman is a man who made her that way! Maddie is a sweet girl... If you don't make her angry.

She loves people... Especially as victims.

Maddie is wonderful for a romantic date, but hide all the sharp objects! She can cry all her tears and laugh maniacally all at the same time.

Two characters in one! Maddie the lovable girl next door and Mad Maddie the insane psycho.

She is created for Genesis 8 Female and V8. Included are several options of make-ups, two arms mat files, one with tattoos and one without, accurate genitals with two mat files, with or without hair.

Two different head morphs: one of sweet Maddie and one with the distorted grin of Mad Maddie. The two head morphs are custom morphed but the body INJ and REM require Genesis 8 Body Morphs and V8 to work properly.

Two different sets of textures: normal make-ups for Maddie and crazed make-ups for Mad Maddie.
Included also normal eye and lips mat files and crazy eye and lips mat files.

One extra MAT file to turn her eye totally blood shot mad and the option to get back to her normal eye. You can mix and match all those features for lots and lots of extra fun!

DAZ files:

- Apply Head
- Remove Head
- Apply Body
- Remove Body
- MAT Iray
- MAT Arm No Tattoo
- MAT Arm With Tattoo
- MAT Body No Hair
- MAT Body With Hair
- 1 MAT Face Natural
- 8 MAT Face Make-ups
- 4 MAT Face MAD (it will change both face and lips)
- 6 MAT Eye Colors (it will change both iris and pupil)
- 4 MAT Eye MAD Colors (it will change both iris and pupil)
- 1 MAT Eye ALL MAD (it will change iris, pupil, slcera and eye socket)
- 1 MAT Eye ALL Normal (it will change iris, pupil, slcera and eye socket)
- 1 MAT Lips Natural
- 7 MAT Lips Make-ups
- 3 MAT Lips MAD
- 3 MAT Lashes (to apply on the lashes separate figure of G8)

This item works only in DAZ and there are DUF files in it. Iray only.

Requirements: Genesis 8 Body Morphs and Victoria 8

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