M3D Martin HD Shapes for Michael 8

M3D Martin HD Shapes for Michael 8


M3D Martin HD Shapes for Michael 8 Male adds a regular shape to the Genesis 8 gene pool that can be more athletic or stocky. All morphs are custom using Michael 8 as a base.

These morphs can be used at partial or full strength. The base product includes seven custom asymmetrical head morphs and one body shape with a HD morph to add extra details. Two additional additive body shapes are included to make the mody more athletic or stockier, as well as a foot and glute morph which can be used at full or partial strength.

Each head morph has been sculpted in Zbrush and includes correctives for eye closes. The body shapes include over 50 additional JCMs for improved bending and muscle flexes and can be mixed in with other morphs from the Genesis 8 Male gene pool. The JCMs control the shape of the body during arm raises, sitting and abs bending.

Required Products: Michael 8

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