LYFW Adrienne HD for Victoria 6

LYFW Adrienne HD for Victoria 6


Adrienne is an alluring girl for Victoria 6 with a secret. She's a sexy sweetheart AND a devastating cyborg. With so many options;and stunning beauty, she takes come-hither to a new level.

Adrienne come with two custom crafted skins by Fred Winkler Art and Lyoness. The first set contains 10 sexy and smoky eye shadows and matching lipsticks and fashionable fingernails. The second set is a full cyborg with four faces including eyeshadow, lips, and cyber nails. Also there are six iris colors and two cyborg eyes. There are also all in one click presets for all makeups and cyborg faces.

This lovely girl has a head and body that is uniquely custom sculpted by Fred Winkler Art in Zbrush in HD. She also comes with custom sculpted anatomical elements (will work without the Genesis 2 Female anatomical elements), lashes and square nails. Furthermore there are custom nipples that will apply when the main morph dials are applied.

Included is a great Sexy Pout Expression by Fred Winkler Art that can be applied via the library or using the specially created dial.

Required Products: Victoria 6

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