LY Violante HD for Victoria 7

LY Violante HD for Victoria 7


The name Violante means "purple flower" and references the delightful purple, stunningly gorgeous hand painted makeups by the creative and very talented Hinky Punk.

Violante comes with detailed skin, crafted on the Victoria 7 UV set and custom sculpted HD Head, Ear, and Body morphs built off the Victoria 7 shape.

Violante has 10 Makeups, Lipsticks, 11 Nail Polishes, 04 Luscious Eyelashes with 12 coordinating color options and 09 Eye Colors. There are buttons for Anatomical Elements, and a No Brow Eyebrow Face option are included. An alternate torso for when your outfit is a smidge too revealing. Also included are 03 options for Skin Customizations, to help you get the right look.

Required Products: Victoria 7

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