LY Shani HD for Genesis 8 Female

LY Shani HD for Genesis 8 Female


Meet Shani, the Unfortunate Zombie Hunter.

Shani is a cute girl who decided to become a badass zombie hunter. Sadly, she got infected after being bitten. She died and came back as a zombie. She is charming girl that has a ton of options to walk you through her story. She comes to you with 2 custom skins, 2 geoshells, and custom morphs. HD from top to bottom. She has custom sculpted HD Head and Body morphs created for the Genesis 8 Base Female shape.

Every Zombie Hunter needs a special weapon. Shani comes with one of those as well. She has her modified baseball bat that works for left or right hand poses and includes hand poses.

Shani has custom painted makeups for her basic human skin- 6 makeups, lipsticks, and all-in-one presets, 7 nail polishes and eye colors. For the Zombabe, there are 4 custom eyes, 3 special nails, and a custome painted full skin. The fighter has a blood spatter geoshell, a zombie bite geoshell (2 bites, right shoulder and left arm), and an infected sclera that works with all included eye colors.

Includes presets for Anatomical Elements Materials (both skins), and an alternative torso with no anatomical details for risque clothing (for human only), Bump settings for closeup and distance, and 3 intensity settings for the skin tone. Always included are custom morphed square nails and long eyelash morphs. Nothing is so important as the Eyebrows, so you get 2 ways to remove eyebrows from Shani, an LIE no Eyebrow setting which removes the brows and leaves the makeup, and a No Eyebrow Face option for when you want everything from scratch!

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