Luca for Genesis 3 Male

Luca for Genesis 3 Male


Luca for Genesis 3 Male is lithe, sexy, and harbours a dark side that's sure to spice up your runtime.

With Iray and 3Delight optimised materials, he comes with both hairless and hairy mats, custom fiberhair stubble, a body tattoo, optional fangs, a no-brows option and a selection of eye colour and makeup effects that will turn him from sexy to edgy in a few simple clicks.

Luca's head is custom morphed. His body uses a combination of a custom morph and the Genesis 3 Male body morphs. If you don't own the body morphs, Luca will still work, his body shape will just look slightly different.

Circumcised and uncircumcised genital mats are provided in both hairy and hairless versions. His textures use the base G3M UV set, and his makeup options use the Layered Image Editor, so they will also work on any G3M character that uses the base UV.

Used as is, or mixed with your favourite G3M shapes.

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