Lovey Boots Genesis 3/V7

Lovey Boots Genesis 3/V7


Extraordinary & sexy footwear for Genesis 3/V7.

Be it a Pin Up lady or a Fantasy Queen, with our Lovey Boots they won't fail.

You get:

-Lovey Boots for Genesis 3/ Victoria 7
-4 Leather Mats, optimized for Iray
-Feet Pose

Included extra Morphs:

BodySize, BodybuilderDetails, BodybuilderSize, ExpandAll
Adjust lSide_25, Adjust lTwist_35, Adjust rSide_25, Adjust rTwist_35
Plateaus Higher

Morphs that are not listed here automatically follow through Auto-Follow in DAZ Studio 4.8

You need:

Genesis 3
Victoria 7
DAZ Studio 4.8
Does not work in Poser

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