Look At My Hair 1.6.02

Look At My Hair


NOW UPDATED TO VERSION 1.6! See Feature List for new features.

Look at my Hair is a revolutionary plugin designed for DAZ Studio 4.5 that allows you to apply fur and hair to virtually any object or model.

The workflow is easy and straightforward thanks to the user-friendly interface.

Once you have loaded a model you can define follicle areas, grow the hair and style it as a real barber would do by combing, cutting and even scaling the hair.

In addition to styling there is also a wide range of deformers available that allow you to shape the hair and quickly define a basic model that you can further refine by applying frizz effects, random roots and lengths, and much, much more.

The possibilities are endless and limited only by your creativity and imagination.

Look at my Hair includes density maps which are extremely useful by allowing you to paint directly on the model in 3D and define the hair density for each surface.

The material setup window is used to apply one of the available human hair color presets, specify your own colors, or apply model texture maps that will be used to gather additional hair colors.

Once you are satisfied with the result of your creation, the plugin allows you to export the hair as RenderMan curves, a collection of .obj files or you can even use instancing and replace hair with any object of your choice.

Don't forget to bookmark and visit the Look at my Hair blog at www.furrythings.com regularly.

New presets will be added to the existing library, providing you with an excellent from whic to kick start your furry creations collection.

NOW UPDATED TO VERSION 1.6! See Feature List for new features.

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