Longitude & Latitude Lighting and Render Presets for DS Iray


In this package you will find a selection of Render Setting Presets, Gobo Lights and Emissive Lights for DAZ Studio Iray.

This package focuses on the 'Sun-Sky Only' Environment Render setting in Iray and explains how this area of DAZ Studio works. A 5 page hints/tips PDF is included explaining how the 'Sun-Sky Only' Environment works in DAZ Studio and 69 Render Presets examples are included to help you understand the documentation.

10 Tree Gobo Lights are included, which use spot lights. Additional explanations in the Hints/Tips pages on how to control Spot Lights in Iray are included.

Additionally 06 weather and sunset/nighttime Iray lighting sets are included for rendering in scene-mode.

You can mix and match the tree gobos and weather and sunset/nighttime to create stunning renders.

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