Lina for G3F

Lina for G3F


Lina is a lovely custom character for Genesis 3 Females. She can be used in both contemporary and fantasy renders.

She comes with 2 head shapes and many skin options like more SSS, moles and freckles, clear skin, darker skin tone, veins, genital mats.

Lina comes with:

2 Head morphs
1 Body morph
nail morph
1 Full Skin preset,
8 Makeup preset,
8 lips preset,
7 Eyes presets,
8 nail colors
3 blush LIE preset,
Less SSS layer preset,
Genital mats
Veins LIE preset
Blemishes for face, limbs and torso in LIE presets

Iray and 3DL materials!

Lina was sculpted in zbrush so G3F body morphs and head morphs are optional.

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