Lennox for Genesis 3 Male


Lennox is that tall, skinny guy for just about any render. His head and body morphs are custom and do not require any morph packs to use.

Includes a reddish brow, a darker brow and a light blond brow along with a no brow option along with 8 different eye colors (two Heterochromia), two sclera, and two types of lashes with a dark and blonde coloring to go with the brows.

The tattoo options are varied between all presets for the arms and torso, and various mixes of both based off of different Irish and even Russian prison tattoos made to look as if they had been inked at different times from different tattoo artists.

Anatomical Element Materials are included. Materials are for the Iray render engine.

Required Products: Genesis 3 Male Head Morphs

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