Legacy UVs for Genesis 8: Genesis 2 Female


This UV map and geograft kit enables you to use Genesis 2 Base Female textures on Genesis 8 Female.

The geografts act as a second skin, and because they have their own independent UV maps they can serve as surfaces to seamlessly display textures which would otherwise be unavailable to the Genesis 8 mesh.

There is a simple three stage loading procedure:

  • 1. Click the 'Prepare Genesis 8 Female' icon
  • 2. Load the Genesis 2 Base Female textures
  • 3. Click the 'Apply UVs' icon

The preparation stage loads the geografts and creates Legacy Surface Selection Sets for Genesis 8. An optional toolbar obviates the need to navigate back and forth between folders. UV support for the Anatomical Elements is also included.

See the PDF documentation for fuller instructions.

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