Last Chance Gas Station


If you've been around long enough you've probably pulled into one of these. The gas gauge is hovering on empty and you're in the middle of nowhere. Last chance for gas. Those were the good old days. This place has got all the amenities. Picnic tables, outhouse, some cold drinks. They're living the good life.

Last Chance for Gas Station is a full 3D environment for Daz Studio 4.6+ and beyond. Includes the surrounding terrain and the long paved two lane country road. The two pump gas station circa early 1950's has an attached garage and the accessible storm cellar basement just in case of tornadoes, as well as small picnic area and outhouses for those long family excursions. All the doors open and close on the outhouses, garage and station building's back door. It's also possible to hide the roof and ceiling, to help with placement of cameras and scenes. 30 unique and interesting camera angles are provided to get you started off quickly.

The freezers have hinged top openings and can hold both ice and cold pop and all the wall signage seen in the promos is included to give the realistic old timer feel. The "ready to render" scene will deliver the "what you see is what you get" promo quality renders with the included lightset.

Characters and vehicles are shown for visualization and scale purposes and are available separately.

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