Lailah for G3F

Lailah for G3F


Lailah is a beautiful young and strong and LailahM is a mature woman with a life made and complete, beautiful and with the experience that give the years. LailahS is not of this world and is full of magic and charm, her stunning eyes hypnotize you without remedy. Three girls, three beautiful and different women to make great your runtime!


3 Characters Presets
3 Head and Body INJ and REM files
1 INJ and REM Nails Morph
1 INJ and REM Claws Nails Morph
2 INJ and REM Eyes Morph
1 INJ and REM Ears Morph
3 Full Skin Shaders for Iray
9 Nails Options
9 Eyes Options for Lailah and LailahM
8 Eyes Options for LailahS
9 Makeup Options for Lailah and LailahM
4 Complete Second Skin Shaders for LailahS

REM files for Makeups and Nails

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