Laguna-Mermaid Fantasy Pack for Genesis 3 Female(s)


Mermaid Fantasy Pack for Genesis 3 Female(s) is a high quality character texture set for use in Daz Studio 4.8 and up.

This pack was designed with Indigo and Jade in mind, but will work as a standalone product. The Mermaid Fantasy Pack comes with custom sculpted ears, which were designed based on Indigo and Jades ear shape, but will work with any Genesis 3 character, as well as a set of fish eyes.

With countless mix and match options, 7 extra glitter options for the scales... and much more... this mermaid expansion is all you need to create the perfect underwater dweller.

**** This set was designed with Mix'n'Match in mind, so all the MATs can be mixed and matched between those two, eyes, lips, makeups, nails, you name it.

Note: While this set was designed with Daz Studio 4.8 in mind, and its amazing Iray render engine, it will also work and look great using the 3Delight render engine!

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