Kyle for Genesis 8 Male

Kyle for Genesis 8 Male


Kyle is a versatile character for your Genesis 8 Male and Library- from everyday kinda guy to that anti-protagonist or villainous man you may need for your renders.

This large character pack contains several options-from the 3 different brow options and the no brow option and a counterpart for each with freckles. 4 eye colors, 4 contacts with glow and no glow options and 4 color options for the 5th contact material. Several tattoos and several combinations of those tattoos. 5 nail colors, numerous LIE make-up sets as well as fibermesh brows and body hair that comes with 12 Natural colors. The brows also have an additional 6 "Oddity" colors to give him more variety. 3 settings for skin gloss and translucency also are added in for different light rigs in your renders.

Anatomical Elements Materials are included.

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