KrashWerks TAYLOR for Genesis 8 Female


Taylor for Genesis 8 Female is a stunning new beauty for your library.

Included in this package:

  • Full Character Preset
  • Separate Apply/Remove presets for Full Character, Body, Head, Lashes, and Nipples
  • 2 Breast Shape Presets (Implants/Natural)
  • Full Iray Material presets including Brows/No Brows options
  • 8 Iray Makeup Sets (Separate Sets for Brows/No Brows)
  • 8 Iray Eye Shaders
  • 8 Iray Nail Shaders (with Gloss Off/On options)
  • 8 Iray Lip Shaders (with 4 Gloss Levels)
  • 1 Eyelash Length Morph Preset
  • Iray Genesis 8 Female Genital Material Preset

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